“Hi, it’s 9 PM here in Amsterdam and it’s kinda windy, to be honest. Kalau di sini lagi ngga lockdown, I will go outside and take some fresh air. Yes, I am here. How are you doing lately? Why don’t you sleep? Di Jakarta udah jam 3 pagi, kan?” he replied my chat enthusiastically while I only sent him a “Hello, are you there?” five minutes ago.

Pardon, I haven’t introduced myself. So, I am a freelance writer living in Jakarta after completed my bachelor degree in UvA last couple of years. You can call me Joanna or Jo…

Do you considering yourself as a moviegoer? Then how many movies that you watched this year and ooh.. is there any of them that you think as an-award-worthy? Yeah, as we almost reach the year-end holiday that means that the awards season is coming closer!

Have you checked the latest nominees of Golden Globe Awards 2019?

On Thursday, 6 December 2018, the 76th Golden Globe Awards nominations have been revealed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) through live stream at its website and Facebook Page. …

China’s Dilemma between Economic Growth and Population Growth in the 21st Century

Approximately 541.6 million people live in China at 1949 and it was reached out the number of approximately 1.371 billion people thirty years thereafter. Population growth could be seen as one of the priority for the government of China, even since the establishment of People’s Republic of China back in 1949 under the regime of Mao Zedong. Regarding this phenomenon, the government of People’s Republic of China play some important roles. …

Everyone at once. Image courtesy of Anies Baswedan’s Instagram.

Over time, Indonesia had become yet another country who pledged to be democratic. Special to Indonesia, such democracy builds upon the values of Pancasila as its foundation. The manifestations of democracy within Indonesia has been changing continuously; dating as far to Soekarno and Hatta’s declaration of independence from colonization in Pegangsaan Timur Raya on 17 of August, 1945. In that moment, news about the emergence of one ‘Republic of Indonesia’ echoed throughout nations worldwide — along with the newfound spirit of freedom and hope. A landmark which kick-started democracy’s dynamic growth in the newly born entity.

Democracy blooms from the…


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